7. Going on to Maturity

The objective of rearing a child is to prepare him to eventually to leave home To bring him to adult hood in his soul. Children can grow up physically but not mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If one remains ignorant or arrogant they remain stunted in their growth. They do not grow up to be strong Christians, but remain weak, selfish and emotional in their concepts of life. True growth comes through understanding the word of God and applying the doctrines and promises contained therein. We become mature in the word, in our thinking, in our emotions, in our conscience judgements and attitudes.

How Do I Measure My Maturity?

We are told that a sign of maturity is stability in doctrinal issues and not to be tossed about by [every wind of doctrine] the men who do this are cunning, crafty and have deceitful schemes. Eph.4: 14-15 Mature Christians speak the truth in love. [vs.15] He is not gullible. A mature Christian is submissive, shows respect, is unbiased, bears up under suffering, endures with patience, is not deceitful, does not revile, offers no threats, keeps trusting God. 1 Pet. 2: 18-23 He rightly divides the word of truth and knows that it is for his teaching correcting and training this equips him and bring him to maturity. 1Tim.3: 16-17.

Goals for Growth

In the Greek here there is a chorus of seven that we are to add lavishly in order to give a better performance in the Christian life. Peter tells us that because God has given us great and exceeding promises and has permitted us to be partakers of His divine nature. We should make a maximum effort in adding to our faith seven things.

Faith is a strong foundation of belief in God and His word, we are to add to our faith in God or build upon that strong foundation these things-

Virtue. An excellent quality of life. It is to be demonstrated in the world in which we live.
Knowledge. Insight, understanding and truth We should pursue exellencein understanding the Word.
Self control. Self-discipline and controlling the passions of the flesh and bodily; desire. It is to keep a grip on our selves and not let any passions run away with us.
Perseverance. Patience or endurance in doing what is right. , It spiritual staying power that does not give in. It is staying power when we are under pressure.
5. Godliness. This is being genuine and living reverently, pleasing God in the way we live, act and do our business.

6. Brotherly kindness. Mutual affection as brothers one for another.

Love. This is listening to others and loving them unconditionally. It is giving and forgiving in a mature manner i.e. you don’t give to people who are foolish with their things or forgive without wanting to see repentance.
Knowing God Isa. 40:29-30

Developing a close relationship is helpful for depth as well as growth. It is important that you have a quiet time with Him. Do not let anything come between you and Him. As you spend more time with Him your love and understanding of Him grows. He becomes more precious to you and you will want to include Him in on every thing you want or do.

1. Make time. Choose a time that suits you best

2. Decide how much time you should start with. Ten minutes then slowly add to this.

3. Choose a place where you have the least disturbance. I.e. Bath room, bedroom, office. Etc.

4. Have a purpose. You want to meet with God, meditate upon His word, get to know about the way he thinks and discover more of His character and attributes.

There are no short cuts. You must make a commitment to spend time with God.

Vs. 31‘They that wait’ Cease your activity and wait expectantly, stop your struggling be patient.

‘Upon the Lord’ the almighty creator is whom we expect.

‘shall renew their strength’ This is the exchanged life were we draw from His strength.

‘they shall mount up with wings of eagles’ There is no effort involved, the Holy Spirit will lift you up in His silent power.

‘ they shall run and not be weary’ are you weary, are you too busy, are you serving the Lord in your own strength or will you stop pushing yourself and run in His strength.

‘ they shall walk and not faint’ To faint is to have a blackout; you can have a blackout in your soul and fail to walk on with God. You need God to pick you up.

You can meditate on a promise, on a word, on a thought and it will profit you. [1Tim. 4:15]

You should find a good hymn or chorus book and sing to the Lord. It is also very important for you to praise Him for who He is and what He has done. Remember this time is for you and Him not for Bible study. Have fellowship with your God.

You will find the word ‘meditate’ throughout scripture, especially in the Psalms. It means stop and think about what is being said, toss it around in your mind and come up with the meaning and reason it is there for. Lastly it is a good habit to tell others what you have found out it will encourage them in their faith also.

There is a lot more to growth but this will give you an appetite to go deeper and further in your walk and fellowship with God.