3. Learning to Walk

Now you are a Christian and live in the dynamic sphere of the Spirit of God, his divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. 1Pet. 1:3 As you continue to walk in the sphere of the Spirit you will not fulfil the lust of the flesh, that is, the old sinful nature. Gal. 5:16, 25 You can walk either the way you used to walk or walk the new dynamic way that will keep you in step with and in fellowship with God.

When we see an infant taking it’s first steps the family is overjoyed. It is a big event in the child’s development. As we learn to walk with God we must learn to walk in the Spirit and with a whole-hearted passion.
We learn balance as we walk, at this juncture you will fall and make mistakes as an infant. If you learn the right concepts you will grow up to be a mature, responsible adult, enjoying a beautiful relationship with God. Walking in the power of the Spirit, walking in truth, walking in maturity with right attitudes will produce a full and meaningful life.
We become more confident as we walk, that is, confident in God’s supernatural supply. We become aware of our position in Christ and therefore do not let our experiences rule us. We are complete in him and continually draw from him. This humbles us and makes us Christ centred.
When we are lead to green pastures of peace or we walk through the rough, stormy waters, we are to keep our eyes on him; he will be there with us on our journey. Ps.23: 1-3; Isa. 42:2

Things that Knock You Off Balance.

1. Get your eyes off people.

People can fail you and cause you to doubt Christ.

2. Get your eyes off things.

Materialism can steal your time, money and life.

3. Get your eyes off Satan.

He is a defeated foe.

4. Get your eyes off self.

When you concentrate self you will sink into the mire of self promotion, self pity, self pride, self dependence, self, self, self.
Philippians Ch 2: 4-6 & 14 Ch 3: 7-9 “I count all things loss, count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ.”
When a child is about to fall it reaches out for something to hold on to for security. You must always reach out for Christ, he is your security.
As you walk in Christ you will get a sense of personal direction and destiny instead of drifting through life. The self emptied, Spirit filled life is exciting.

1. “Walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.” Gal. 5:16. Depend upon the Spirit’s power to overcome the flesh and self life.
2. “Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.” Col. 1: 9-10 Thess. 2: 10-12. A way that pleases, honours and promotes Him. This deals with our behaviour and standards of holiness.

Walking Is A Process.

Walking is a step-by-step process; we are all at different stages in our Christian walk. We must be patient with other Children of the Lord, that we do not judge them and expect them to be at our stage. We must be gracious to one another. If you try and run before you can walk you will fall all the more.

Walking Is Our Conduct.

“Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord will beseech you to walk worthy of the calling of which you were called.”
Walking ‘Worthy’ means practise what you preach in line with your position in Christ. Be what the Lord desires and empowers you to be. Live the way he expects you to live.

Some Characteristics Of Our Conduct. Eph 4: 1-3

1. Holiness – have the character, not proud and obnoxious. Thinking truly of ourselves before the great God we serve.
2. Gentleness – meekness or a mild spirit and self-controlled. Meekness is not weakness.
3. Longsuffering – to be patient and have a slow temper. Patience with people and patience with things. It is strength to bear all things.
4. Bearing with one another in love – to endure with people, to hold up and sustain people unconditionally.
5. Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit – that means to put in an effort and do your best, to guard the common agreement that binds believers together as we walk together.

Some Steps on the Way. Eph 4: 17; 25-31

1. Don’t lie, don’t exaggerate, don’t cheat, and don’t be false. Vs 25
2. Be angry at injustice, immorality and wrong things but don’t let it go on for long as it will destroy you. Vs 26
3. Don’t steal from people including employers but work to get what you need. Don’t harm people, but when you can give to them. Vs 28
4. Don’t use foul language or use words with double meanings or tell dirty jokes. Whatever passes through your lips should be in character with your new life in Christ and should build people up. Vs 29
5. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit. When we live the old life and sin, it grieves the Holy Spirit. This will affect your relationship, your walk and your power.
6. Bitterness, harshness or resentfulness must be put away from you. Vs 30
7. Wrath or violent outbreaks of anger that boils up and over must be put away from you.
8. Clamour or outward passion that may also involve fighting must be put away from you.
9. Evil speaking or slanderous, injurious or blasphemous speech must be put away from you.
10. Malice or evil thoughts actions or words must be put away from you.

Wonderful Steps Forward. Vs. 31
1. Be kind to one another – abandon the former things and be gracious and benevolent to each other not harsh, bitter or sharp.
2. Be tender hearted, have and show compassion to each other.
3. Be forgiving to an offender and show them favour, which they may not deserve.

Walk in Love.
We are to follow God, imitate God, and mimic God, his manner and his character: Our Father is Love, a selfless, Calvary, supernatural love.

True or False?
1. I must live the Christian life in my own power. 2Pet. 1:3
2. I can have victory over the flesh myself. Gal. 5:16
3. The Lord will be with me in all circumstances. Isa. 43:2
4. I must depend upon people and things. Phil.3: 7-9
5. I can do what I want, live any way. Eph.4:1, Col. 1:9-10
6. I have some new characteristics. Eph. 4:2-3
7. I can go on lying, stealing, and using bad language. Eph. 4:25-30
8. I should be kind, tender hearted and forgiving. Eph. 4:31No 2 Infant Needs
New born babies bring joy and excitement into a family, this happens in an even greater way in the family of God. The Angels sing and rejoice, other Christians see it as absolutely wonderful, and God Himself is thrilled. You have been born into vast spiritual wealth and privilege that cannot be exhausted. In order for you to grow properly the Lord has given you an early healthy diet. Just as disease and poor diet can stunt you in ordinary life there will be things that will hamper your spiritual growth.
Satan will seek to tempt you, attack you and cast doubts into your mind. Men may ridicule you, laugh at you and hinder you. The world may try and draw you into its ways and pleasures. Remember, the Lord Jesus Christ has overcome all of them and you can live in his victory. You are a spiritual infant and you need a lot of help at this stage.
It is good at this stage to learn and memorize passages of scripture and to emphasise the tenses in a verse e.g. “there is NOW no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” Rom. 8:1

Essential Needs.

If a child is to grow it needs proper food and nourishment. They start life on a milk diet and as they develop they need solid food.

A. It will help you grow. 1 Peter 2:2
B. It will increase your faith. John 10:17; Romans 10: 17
C. It helps you over come sin. Psalm 119:11, 16

Communication with God is not only possible but essential. As a father he is always eager to hear from his children. You can tell him anything – your fears, your failures, your joys and your blessings. He loves to hear from you. That’s why he established a direct line of communication to himself.

A. Ask anything, he may not give because you are not ready for it, but ask anyway. Matthew 21:22
B. Call upon me in the day of trouble. Psalm 31:9
C. Ask for wisdom. James 1:5

This is simply believing God and taking him at His word. There are over 7,000 promises in his word and they are activated when you apply faith. Faith is expecting God to work.

A. Without faith we cannot please Him. Hebrews 11:6
B. His promises must be mixed with faith. Hebrews 4:2
C. We walk by faith not by what we see. 2Corinthians 5:7

You must appreciate the all sufficiency of Christ and not try to live the Christian life on your own. He is all you need, you must let him live his life in you. Learn to relax and let him take the burdens.

A. You now live a new life, the Christ life. The old life is dead. Romans 6:4-5 Gal. 2:20
B. The life of Christ is eternal and overflowing. John 10:10
C. Christ is the life, he makes you ALIVE. John 14:6

You are not perfect yet, you will fail and fall, however now you no longer want to practice sinning any more. God the Holy Spirit lives in you. He is grieved or quenched when you sin. You must confess your sin to God [not man] and he will forgive you. He may discipline you but that’s only because he loves you.

A. If you confess he will forgive you. 1Jn. 1:9
B. The Lord Jesus stands up for us as our advocate. 1Jn. 2:1
C. Ask to be filled afresh again with the Holy Spirit. Eph. 5:18

Doubts and Assurance.
At this stage you may get doubts about your salvation. You may have failed or fallen, you may not feel saved and your emotions may be confused. You may wonder why you are not perfect, why you still have problems or why you are not healed. These may all affect you but not your salvation. It’s the sin problem Christ dealt with. No doubt, as you grow in Christ you will learn the answers to many of your questions. It is an exciting, learning process. You will find the solution to many problems but they will not be instantly apparent.
Now that you belong to Jesus, He will take care of you and will not let anything separate you from the Love of God. Rom. 8:37-39. The Power of God, not your own effort keeps you. The relationship is so close that he will never let you be taken from him, his love for you is immense. He is already preparing a place for you in Heaven and he has reserved a home for you.

Jesus said in John 10:28-29
We are His sheep.
We have eternal life.
We will not perish.
We can’t be plucked out of his hand.
We cannot be plucked from the Father’s hand.

True or False?
1. Trouble, Satan or bad feelings will keep me from God. Rom 8: 37-39
2. I should feel saved. Acts 16:30; 2 Corinthians 5:7
3. It is important to believe God. 1Jn. 5:10
4. I can know here and now that I am saved. 1Jn. 5:11-12
5. You can’t have joy and peace now. John 14:7; 15:11
6. I have to keep struggling and trying in the Christian life. Gal. 2:20
7. God doesn’t want to hear me. Matt. 21:22
8. God’s word is essential for growth. 1Pet. 2:2
9. Faith in His word does not matter. Heb. 4:2
10. I am perfect and don’t have to confess. 1Jn. 1:8-10